Welcome to Educare Montessori Preschool, Naionra and Childcare Centre

Montessori Pre-School

Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence, our Montessori preschool will be a perfect introduction.

Before & After School Childcare

With a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, imaginative play, physical activities and games, our staff will engage with, guide and support your children.

Why Educare

With their years of experience, professionalism, and great attitude to life and teaching, Educare’s staff are leaders that encourage leadership qualities in every child, supporting their growing potential within, so that each individual thrives as they start their way in Life and the Educational System.

The Educare Centre has everything that a child could need to challenge them and nurture their talents, so they can advance in everyway at their own pace.  Through this encouragement of concentration, awareness of their own ability and love of learning, every child will have the keys to opening up to a bright future where they can adapt and equal any challenge with ease.

At Educare your child will have memorable moments and a worthwhile experience full of fun.

Montessori Preschool Ennis

Daily Routine

On arrival each day, the children chose work from the different areas.  Once finished, they pack away and continue to pick again.  Play-dough, colouring, art & craft and drawing are then introduced for anyone interested.

After packing away, the children wash up, have snack together and chat.

When snack is over and packed away, the children come together to have story time.  Following story time, all children go outside (weather permitting) or to the play-chalet.

Circle time takes place after play time where they all sit together and enjoy a variety of songs, games, stories and musical instruments along with telling their news and their own little stories, until it is time to go home.

Through the use of material in their environment, each child can grow at their own pace.  The ideas within each piece goes from simple to more complex ideas so that they can be challenged without being overwhelmed.

Montessori Preschool Activities

Seasonal Activities

Additional activities are run for set periods of time during the year where children can opt to participate:

  • Educare’s Little Theatre
  • Hip-Hop & Ballet
  • Yoga & Tai-Chi
  • Tai-Kwon-Do
  • Gymnastics & Athletics
  • Soccer, Basketball & Team Sports
  • Introduction to Languages (Irish, German, French & Spanish)

Montessori Preschool Activities


Maria Montessori had a lovely way of understanding children and their development.  As if seeing through the eyes of a child, she felt that all a child needed was to “Help me help myself”.

“Support me, inspire me, reassure me, direct me.  Help me master how to self-start, self-motivate, along with being able to self-stop and compromise.  Help me find a balanced independence in life rather that unhealthy co-dependence in dealing with everything and everyone.”

She always believed we should help them in seeing the magic in the ordinary.  Enable positivity within them and a respect for rules and discipline, to be able to adapt themselves to any situation and make the most out of it, so that they can flourish and celebrate together side by side.

Montessori Preschool Education


Developing good friendships takes time.  Each child goes through different stages of development at slightly different ages.

Stage 1 – Independent Play

Where your child enjoys playing on their own, absorbing as they go at their own pace in their own way.

Stage 2 – Parallel Play

This is where your child will begin to move closer to other children.  There is still only minimum interaction with others.  At this stage they may imitate others side by side.

Stage 3 – Friendship Forming

This is where friendships begin forming.  The ground rules are not yet in place; it is still a ‘me’ world for them.  They enjoy interacting with each other.  Their games have basic rules

Final Stage – Friendship

They enjoy healthy exchange with each other.  They learn easily from others.

They cherish friendship and form healthy bonds with each other.

Montessori Preschool Friendship


Children are like little sponges, absorbing as they go.  The early years are all about developing their personality and attitude to life.  These formative years are building blocks on which the guidance system within is built upon.

It is our job together to meet their needs and to help them open up to feeling adequate, capable and valuable in their approach to life.

Through reassurance, encouragement and support, children are inspired to look at life with a balanced attitude to fairness and equality.  Helping each child find pleasure in the little things and to master contentment, appreciation and satisfaction, has to be the final key to happiness and ease.

Montessori Preschool Child Development

Our Facilities

Located in Roselvan, Tulla Road, on the outskirts of Ennis, the Educare School is ideally situated for convenient access in a quiet area of the town.

Once you enter the grounds, the spacious and well organised car park, the green play areas with castle, towers, pirate ship, orchard and courtyard, surrounded by high stone walls and mature trees, will give you a sense of security in an open and natural environment.

Enter the warm and welcoming classrooms in the newly extended school and you will feel right at home, in a comfortable and friendly environment.  The Educare School has been lovingly restored over a number of years and is fully equipped to provide a safe, comfortable and educational environment for all children.


What The Parents Say

Our Rooms & Classes

The Educare Childcare Centre is located in the quiet area of Roslevan on the outskirts of Ennis Town.  Our classrooms have been renovated lovingly over the past decade to make them a warm, welcoming, comfortable and fun environment for all children. The Centre has recently been extended to provide an excellent environment for preschool and after-school care.

Months Old
Class Size

Caterpillar Room

This room (with its caterpillar lights) is the first room you will see. Here we teach various aspects of Montessori such as Practical Life, Geography and Nature.

Months Old
Class Size

The Library

With a wide selection of books to choose from, the Library area is cosy and inviting, with comfortable mini sofa and mini arm chairs. The children can sit and peruse the books in their own time.
Within this area, Maths exercises and Pre-writing exercises are followed.

Months Old
Class Size

Butterfly Room

The next room is the Butterfly Room where the children practice Sensorial exercises and various Pre-reading exercise.

Months Old
Class Size

Drama Room

This is where our Little Theatre group get together for lots of fun and learning. Little Theatre is run by Majella, and allows the children to explore their creative selves. The group put on a great show in Glór every year, a great day for both children and parents to look forward to.

Our Commitment


The Centre is fully compliant with all Health & safety regulations, as well as all other  areas of compliance.

We are a competent, confident team that always ensure that the children are safe and well cared for.

Under our supervision, the children are able to enjoy risk-play and adventure which is encouraged by the Montessori Method, while at the same time being protected from any real danger.

The gates and doors are always secured; the Centre is fully child-friendly and safe.

We pride ourselves on our great standards.


Fair play and fairness are encouraged always here in Educare.  Taking turns and being patient is also emphasized on a daily basis.

But most of all we help each child to understand the importance of delight and pleasure in task taking and completion.

Excitement, enthusiasm and ease are words that have been used by parents to describe the children in our school, as they potter about.  We always ensure that each child leaves with a sense of achievement and being part of a team each day.

We are fully committed to the happiness of all children in our care.


The Educare Centre was founded on the idea “Educare” which is Latin and translates to English as “to draw out from within”.

The word “Education” comes from the Latin word “Educare” originally.

We regard ourselves as Educarers in the Centre.  We care, encourage, adapt and enjoy teaching, directing and supporting each child.

As Maria Montessori believed, we believe that we should help to draw out what is already in each individual; Help them help themselves.  To build awareness of their own ability, to improve concentration and to instil a love for learning, which are the building tools they will carry for life.

At Educare, we are 100% committed to always providing the inspiration and stimulation that every child needs to thrive.

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities


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